Anthony Joshua's promoter gives date when they will finalise contracts

Anthony Joshua’s promoter gives date when they will finalise contracts

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Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn and Tyson Fury’s US co-promoter Bob Arum have started to exchange contracts this week and the hope is they will have a signed document very soon, according to report.


Hearn told iFL TV: “I hope that we can finalise contracts in the next two weeks.

“And then the plan from there is to go out and start discussing with the various sites that have approached to stage this fight.

“What we wanna do is make sure we’ve got a deal papered to move forwards and start having these conversations, and then lock in the venue and the date.

“There isn’t a lot to be sorted. We’re in a good place. I believe we’ll have these contracts finalised in the next couple of weeks.

“I believe this fight will take place in June.”

There will be two separate announcements, the first once contracts are signed and then the second once a deal is agreed with a site to host the event.

Hearn explained: “We wanna make sure we have the deal in place.

“And that will be the route map for this fight – to hopefully make an announcement in the next couple of weeks to say, ‘This fight is signed and done.’

“Let’s make one thing clear, this is the biggest fight in the history of British boxing, this may be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time. This is the undisputed heavyweight world championship.

“Once we’ve done that, we’ll say, ‘The fight is on, start getting very, very excited and now we’ll be going out and finalising the venue.’

“Because what we don’t wanna do is [not answer] all these questions that keep coming.


“I wanna give you the news, I wanna tell you that this fight’s on and now we’re gonna be giving you a date.

“It’ll be, ‘It’s planned for June and we’ll be giving you the site and the [specific] date in the very near future.’

“That’s the news I hope to be able to give you in the next couple of weeks.”


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