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Arsenal boss responds to ‘strange character’ claims for White



Arsenal boss responds to 'strange character' claims for White
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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has expressed his desire to retain Ben White as part of his squad amid ongoing contract negotiations with the player.

Arteta said today:

“I think he’s progressing the right way in the last few years as you said he had a little bit of a difficult start which is normal because it was a big jump, different expectations and to play as well in different situations and positions.

“But I think it showed a lot of determination and courage to overcome any of that I think he has a big personality I think he goes with pressure really well he has a lot of quality gives different positions and he’s been a key player for us.

“We always try to keep the squad in a healthy position in any way, and the club especially are working on that (White’s contract).”

Arteta emphasized the club’s commitment to maintaining a healthy squad and confirmed that discussions are underway regarding White’s contract.

When asked about White’s perceived disinterest in football, Arteta did not directly address the issue in the provided statement.

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