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Best Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Characters



Best Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Characters

Cyberpunk 2077, the highly acclaimed action RPG developed by CD Projekt Red, introduces players to a captivating world filled with diverse and fascinating Edgerunner characters.

These individuals, with their unique skills, backstories, and motivations, contribute to the rich tapestry of Night City’s narrative.

In this article, we delve into the most memorable Edgerunner characters in Cyberpunk 2077, offering a glimpse into their compelling personalities and the impact they have on the player’s journey.

1. Johnny Silverhand: The Iconic Rebel

At the forefront of the Edgerunner roster is Johnny Silverhand, portrayed by the renowned actor Keanu Reeves. Johnny’s rebellious spirit, combined with his legendary status as a rocker, captivates players from the moment he appears.

With his charismatic personality and enigmatic past, Johnny serves as a constant companion to the player character, guiding them through Night City and offering unique insights into the city’s history and power struggles.

2. Panam Palmer: The Nomadic Ally

Panam Palmer, a skilled Nomad and member of the Aldecaldos clan, stands out as a loyal and resourceful ally to the player. Her strong-willed nature and unwavering determination make her a memorable presence in the game.

Panam’s story arc explores themes of family, survival, and resistance against corporate oppression, providing players with emotional depth and meaningful choices that shape their relationship with her.

3. Judy Alvarez: The Empathetic Techie

Judy Alvarez, a talented braindance technician and member of the Mox gang, adds a compassionate and artistic perspective to Cyberpunk 2077. Her empathetic nature and strong sense of justice make her a beloved character among players.

As an ally to the player character, Judy’s involvement in the main story quests introduces moral complexities and offers opportunities for deep connections and impactful decision-making.

4. Rogue Amendiares: The Seasoned Solo

Rogue Amendiares, a seasoned solo and well-connected fixer, brings a no-nonsense attitude and street-smart demeanor to the world of Night City. Her past history with Johnny Silverhand and her extensive network of contacts make her an intriguing character to interact with.

Rogue’s involvement in the game’s storyline opens doors to dangerous missions, alliances, and memorable encounters that leave a lasting impression on players.

5. River Ward: The Empathetic Detective

River Ward, an empathetic detective from the Night City Police Department, stands out as a character driven by justice and a desire for truth. His emotional depth and moral compass add a unique perspective to the game.

River’s involvement in side quests provides players with thought-provoking dilemmas and explores themes of morality and personal sacrifice.

6. Goro Takemura: The Loyal Corporate Operative

Goro Takemura, a loyal member of the Arasaka Corporation, brings a calm and intellectual presence to the Edgerunner lineup. His deep ties to the corporate world offer players a glimpse into Night City’s power dynamics.

Goro’s story arc raises questions of loyalty, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions, challenging players to navigate morally ambiguous situations and make difficult choices.

List of Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Characters

  1. Johnny Silverhand:
    Played by Keanu Reeves, Johnny Silverhand is an iconic rocker and central character in Cyberpunk 2077. His rebellious nature and enigmatic past make him a captivating presence throughout the game.
  2. Panam Palmer:
    Panam Palmer is a skilled Nomad and member of the Aldecaldos clan. Her resourcefulness, strong-willed personality, and loyalty make her a valuable ally in the player’s journey.
  3. Judy Alvarez:
    Judy Alvarez is a braindance technician and member of the Mox gang. Known for her compassion, artistic sensibilities, and sense of justice, she becomes a close confidante to the player character.
  4. Rogue Amendiares:
    Rogue Amendiares is a seasoned solo and influential fixer in Night City. Her no-nonsense attitude and connections within the criminal underworld make her a formidable character.
  5. River Ward:
    River Ward is an empathetic detective from the Night City Police Department. His pursuit of justice and moral compass add complexity to the game’s narrative, providing players with thought-provoking choices.
  6. Goro Takemura:
    Goro Takemura is a loyal member of the Arasaka Corporation, a powerful entity in Night City. With his calm demeanor and deep understanding of corporate dynamics, he offers players a unique perspective on the city’s power struggles.
  7. Kerry Eurodyne:
    Kerry Eurodyne is a legendary rocker and former bandmate of Johnny Silverhand. His involvement in the game’s storyline brings additional depth to the music and cultural aspects of Night City.
  8. Delamain:
    Delamain is an AI-controlled taxi service with a distinct personality. As players encounter Delamain throughout the game, they uncover layers of his complex nature and explore the ethics of artificial intelligence.
  9. Takemura:
    Takemura is a loyal agent of the Arasaka Corporation. His interactions with the player character reveal insights into the corporation’s inner workings and provide opportunities for alliances or betrayals.
  10. Alt Cunningham:
    Alt Cunningham is a significant character in Cyberpunk 2077, known for her expertise in netrunning and her ties to Johnny Silverhand. Her role in the game’s narrative is pivotal to uncovering Night City’s secrets.
  11. Mama Welles:
    Mama Welles is the adoptive mother of the player character and a respected figure in the Nomad community. Her guidance and wisdom provide emotional grounding and a sense of familial connection.
  12. Adam Smasher:
    Adam Smasher is a heavily augmented and ruthless enforcer working for the Arasaka Corporation. His imposing presence and antagonistic role create tense encounters and high-stakes confrontations.
  13. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden:
    Lizzie Borden is the owner of the Lizzie’s Bar, a popular establishment in Night City. Her interactions with the player character and involvement in certain quests provide a glimpse into Night City’s social scene and underworld activities.

These Edgerunner characters contribute to the immersive and diverse world of Cyberpunk 2077, each bringing their own unique perspectives, stories, and challenges that players must navigate as they unravel the secrets of Night City.


Cyberpunk 2077 introduces players to a captivating array of Edgerunner characters who enhance the immersive experience of Night City.

From the iconic rebel Johnny Silverhand to the empathetic Panam Palmer, each character contributes to the game’s rich narrative tapestry, offering unique perspectives, emotional depth, and memorable interactions. These Edgerunners add a human touch to

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