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Evra: I should have chosen to represent Senegal



Evra: I should have chosen to represent Senegal
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Former French captain Patrice Evra expressed his regrets about not representing Senegal in international football.

Although born in Senegal, he was raised in France and went on to have a successful international career with the French national team.

Evra mentioned that young players should have the choice to represent their home countries and emphasized the need to address this issue.

He expressed his desire that more young talents are given the opportunity to play for their original countries and not just when it’s convenient for the national team.

“We need to let this young generation know that they can succeed playing for their original countries.”

Evra added:

“If i could turn back time, i would have chosen to represent my home country, Senegal, instead of France. When you play well and Win, you are French, but whn the team losses you become Senegalese.”

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