'He is not making any sense' - Arum compares Deontay Wilder to Donald Trump

‘He is not making any sense’ – Arum compares Deontay Wilder to Donald Trump

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  • Deontay Wilder has been likened to Donald Trump by veteran boxing promoter Bob Arum.
  • Arum claimed he has been making excuse after excuse since losing his WBC belt and unbeaten record to Tyson Fury.

Speaking to Fight Night recently, Arum compared Wilder’s bizarre statements to those made by the former president of the United States, Trump.

“Deontay Wilder has been spoiled by our former president Donald Trump who says you can say any lie, or any preposterous thing and maybe some people believe it.


“In Trump’s case, they believed it and stormed the capital. Deontay Wilder, again, irresponsible what he’s saying, totally.

“Whether it’s about Tyson Fury, Mark Breland – a tremendous guy – Deontay Wilder is not making any sense.

“But hey, if the former president who served for four years doesn’t make sense, I mean Deontay Wilder is just another Trumpian,” Arum said.

Wilder spent the rest of 2020 recovering from biceps surgery, but is now looking to get back into the ring.

He wants a third fight with Fury, but the Brit is not interested and is instead working on a unification showdown with fellow countryman Anthony Joshua.


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