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‘He’s starting to show why’ – Rio Ferdinand on Odegaard’s captaincy



'He’s starting to show why' - Rio Ferdinand on Odegaard's captaincy
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“I said that the armband could weigh too heavy on him [Martin Odegaard],” explained Rio Ferdinand on his YouTube channel.

“I said it could, there was a chance that it could. Some people, when they get the armband it changes them.

“He’s started the season brilliantly. As a player I really like Odegaard, last season he was fantastic.

“He was a wonder kid from 15 years old and now he’s starting to show why.

“You either get the armband weighing heavily on you, or it enables you to grow and become better.

“Three games in it looks like it’s making him a bigger player, a bigger personality and a bigger character.”

While Arsenal have been marvelous in the initial three games, Odegaard has slid into his new job as captain quite easily.

His committed nature is coming off on the rest of the squad and the outcomes are there to see.

Source: Vibe with Five @ YouTube

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