'I fear none of them' - Anthony Joshus sees no danger facing Oleksandr Usyk

‘I fear none of them’ – Anthony Joshua sees no danger facing Oleksandr Usyk

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Anthony Joshua may not be meeting Tyson Fury in a bid to turn into the undisputed heavyweight champion in August, however he stays resolved to battle The Gypsy King.

The Nigeria were initially intended to battle in Saudi Arabia however once Deontay Wilder protected his third date with Fury by means of the court of assertion, AJ needed to turn to his WBO compulsory, Oleksandr Usyk.


The current WBO, WBA, IBO and IBF heavyweight champion needed to battle Usyk sooner, however he was convinced to plan appropriately for the Ukrainian.

“I wanted to go like August but change of opponent, completely different style, the team said push it back a little bit, prepare properly,” said Joshua during an interview with Sky Sports Boxing.

'I fear none of them' - Anthony Joshus sees no danger facing Oleksandr Usyk

“This is a fight I need to win because I was at the final destination on that road to undisputed but now we have a pit stop we have to make with Usyk. At the end of September is when I’ll be taking on the former undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world.”


When asked what dangers Joshua sees when facing Usyk, AJ was bullish with his response.

“None,” said Joshua. “I fear none of them. He don’t bring nothing I ain’t seen before. Two hands, two legs, a brain and a bit of heart. He’s a good fighter, I’m challenging myself in training. So yeah, let’s get it on.”

Despite Joshua’s confidence, Usyk does bring a lot to the table. He’s one of only five fighters to unify an entire division in the four belt era and he retired Joshua’s friend Tony Bellew.

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