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‘Is like a prison transfer’ – Opposition fans react to Joao Felix loan



'Is like a prison transfer' - Opposition fans react to Joao Felix loan

Joao Felix has joined Chelsea from Atletico Madrid on loan until the end of the season.

Felix was also of interest to Arsenal and Man United, but Chelsea swooped in quickly and signed him.

The opposition’s thoughts on Chelsea’s newest attacking option are as follows:

Erl: “Going from Atletico to Chelsea is like a prison transfer.”

Oluwa: “Very good we didn’t sign him.. Chelsea is just overpaying and doing panic signing.. Arsenal let’s complete Mudryk deal please 🙏”

Lee: “See that’s what we get for opening our big mouths all getting gedrzumped.”

Londark: “We are United and many names are on the table each transfer window. I don’t know if EtH really wanted Felix, or Gakpo, but if he did, and the Glazers denied him additional players just cause ‘he spent enough already in the summer’, I personally wish them to go bankrupt and lose everything they possess.”

Manc: “Hey! Hey! no grudges towards him..lets not do that.. we are not like that..If anybody will not wish him luck then let nobody say bad words to him..we can’t have all the players we want we’ll have better players than him.”

Mabhu: “Chelsea are in trouble and are just fucked up😒. They have too many attacking players(Sterling,Aubameyang, Havertz Pulisic) the list is endless. I personally feel United should use the Summer window to buy Maybe Mason Mount👀”

Derya: “They can have Felix, he is a good player, however you would have to be absolutely stupid or seriously desperate to pay that much money for half a season!! Well we are talking about Chelsea who are I guess absolutely desperate!! 😳”

Source: Twitter, Tribuna
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