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‘It’s a disgrace’ – Carragher blasts Ferdinand as feud over Saudi League rages on



‘It’s a disgrace’ – Carragher blasts Ferdinand as feud over Saudi League rages on

Former footballers Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand have engaged in a heated Twitter feud over their differing opinions on players signing for clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Carragher has been critical of players joining clubs in Saudi Arabia, while Ferdinand defended the move and called out Carragher’s silence on the matter when his former teammate Steven Gerrard joined Al-Ettifaq as manager.

The exchange escalated as Carragher accused Ferdinand of refusing to criticize his “paymaster” in Qatar, referring to his alleged rejection of hosting the winter World Cup opening match.

Ferdinand denied the claim and emphasized his acceptance of different cultures, pointing out that other leagues, including the Premier League, have also attracted top talent from other leagues.

So Ferdinand said in a social media video: “Jamie. Jamie Carragher. Where are you, man?

“I heard a lot of talk, a lot of negativity about Saudi. Oh, Bernardo Silva, I can’t believe it. It’s a disgrace, it needs investigating, this league, etc.

“Steven Gerrard’s gone. You used to carry his boots and his bag at Anfield to games.

“Your boy’s gone over there and I’ve not heard a peep out of you. I’ve not heard how disappointed you are.

“I want to see him say, ‘I can’t believe Stevie’s gone there’. I’m actually buzzing for any of the guys that have gone out to Saudi.

“Because it’s Saudi, people are going mad, but all these other countries and leagues over the years have done exactly the same thing.”

It sparked a Twitter feud between the pair, who spent years rivaling on the pitch for Liverpool and Manchester United.

Carragher responded: “Never criticized Silva, Benzema, Neves or SG, I don’t like Saudi trying to buy football like they have Golf.

“I knew you’d be all over it @rioferdy5 like you were in Qatar!
Thats why you refused to do the opening game for @BBCMOTD didn’t want to criticise your paymaster!”

Ferdinand then denied ever being approached to host the winter World Cup opening match, where Gary Lineker criticised the Qatari hosts.

He replied: “Fake news @Carra23 I’m a man that embraces all cultures – join the club, no need to fabricate James !

“I was never asked to do the opener. I never saw uproar from you and others when the PL, serie A, PSG, Barca, RM, Russia etc we’re plucking the best talent from other leagues…keep the same energy!!”

Carrahger wrote back: “I wasn’t fabricating I was told that by a few people, probably what happened with you over the Qataris buying Man United a few weeks ago!

“If you think the Saudi league buying players is the same as the other leagues we will have to disagree!!”

Ferdinan hit back: “The facts are…. You disrespected the league / country / culture but kept (quiet) when ur 2 boys Stevie / Fowler went 10 days later.”

Ending the argument, Carragher posted: “You’re going back to tweet one! You’re so desperate for a gig out there.”

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