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Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid face Champions League bans after huge court defeat



Super League rebels Real Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona face Champions League bans after a gigantic lose in a Spanish court.

Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin had vowed to make the three remaining insurgents pay for their part in pushing the breakaway arrangement even after the Prem Big Six organized their humiliated retreats from association a year prior.

Photo credit: Marca

The three clubs promised to go ahead with their breakaway plan notwithstanding the enormous public kickback that constrained Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and both Manchester sides to pull out of the plot.

However, the Madrid Mercantile Court, saw by quite a few people as an in-house division of Real Madrid, had concurred with the club case that Uefa’s proposed sanctions unfairly prevented the trio from pushing on with their plot.

Now, though, a senior judge overturned that ruling, which had prevented Uefa taking any disciplinary action against them for their continued involvement in the doomed project.


Judge Sofía Gil of the superior Spanish Commercial Court quashed that legal stay and appears set to dismiss the rebel’s case entirely at a pre-trial hearing slated for June 14, which would open the door for Uefa to take action.

In her 18-page ruling, Judge Gil stated that Real, Barca and Juve were “perfectly aware of the possible consequences” of their actions in defying Uefa.

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The Judge added: “Uefa and Fifa are associations that control and organise sporting competitions.

“For them to have to give prior authorisation for any alternative competition is reasonable and justified, in order to preserve sporting merit and equal opportunities for participating clubs.”

In response, a spokesman for the Nyon-based governing body said: “Uefa has today received the order of the Madrid court, lifting the precautionary measures in their entirety.


“Uefa welcomes this decision and is considering its implications. Uefa will not be making any further comment for the time being.”

Source: TheSun

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