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Novak Djokovic appears to break lockdown rules in Spain

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Novak Djokovic appears to have broken lockdown rules by playing on a court in Spain.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion posted a video of himself playing an opponent on an otherwise deserted court after Spanish authorities said professional athletes were being given the all-clear to return to practice by themselves or with a coach.

However, it was stressed that did not yet include exercise on a tennis court, although an exception has been made for some training centres for teams in professional sports, such as football’s LaLiga.

Despite the rules, Djokovic posted a video on Instagram of him with racket in hand (above), saying: “So happy to play on clay… well, just for a bit with my phone in the hands.”
Djokovic is believed to be staying in Marbella with his wife and children for the duration of the lockdown.

But it remains to be seen whether the Serbian will land himself in hot water for apparently flouting the current guidelines. Under ATP rules, tennis is not expected to return until July 13 at the earliest.