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Official: Man City’s Premier League 2023/24 fixture list revealed



Official: Man City's Premier League 2023/24 fixture list revealed
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The complete fixture list for the upcoming 2023/24 Premier League season has been unveiled, featuring an array of exciting matches for Man City.

Although most of the matches are scheduled for 3 pm, please note that the timing may be subject to change.

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11: Burnley (a) – kick-off 8pm, live on SuperSport

19: Newcastle (h)

26: Sheffield United (a)


2: Fulham (h)

16: West Ham (a)

23: Nottingham Forest (h)

30: Wolves (a)


7: Arsenal (a)

21: Brighton (h)

28: Man United (a)


4: Bournemouth (h)

11: Chelsea (a)

25: Liverpool (h)


2: Tottenham (h)

5: Aston Villa (a)

9: Luton (a)

16: Crystal Palace (h)

23: Brentford (h)

26: Everton (a)

30: Sheffield United (h)


13: Newcastle (a)

31: Burnley (h)


3: Brentford (a)

10: Everton (h)

17: Chelsea (h)

24: Bournemouth (a)


2: Man Utd (h)

9: Liverpool (a)

16: Brighton (a)

30: Arsenal (h)


3: Aston Villa (h)

6: Crystal Palace (a)

13: Luton (h)

20: Tottenham (a)

27: Nottingham Forest (a)


4: Wolves (h)

11: Fulham (a)

19: West Ham (h)

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‘Emile is clear’ – Arteta speaks out as Smith Rowe nears 500 days without Arsenal start



‘Emile is clear’ – Arteta speaks out as Smith Rowe nears 500 days without Arsenal start
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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal‘s manager, spoke to reporters ahead of Wednesday’s upcoming match and discussed Emile Smith Rowe’s popularity within the team. Arteta emphasized the team’s affection for Smith Rowe and how much they value him.

Arteta acknowledged that while being popular and well-liked by the team is important, it’s equally crucial for a player to start games and maintain consistency once they are on the pitch. He also highlighted the significance of staying fit to be a consistent presence in the starting lineup.

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Mikel Arteta said: “Emile Smith Rowe is incredibly popular. We all love him, it’s no different what the people feel and what we feel about him.

“But one thing is to be there, the other one is to start the games and then once you start, you are consistent to stay there. You have to stay fit as well. Obviously, we speak with our players.

“We always try to explain the reason why we make certain decisions, but Emile is clear on what he needs to do — which is performing on the pitch and giving the best to win games for us.”

Emile Smith Rowe is anticipated to make a return to Arsenal’s starting lineup when the team faces Brentford in the EFL Cup third round match on Wednesday.

This could mark Smith Rowe’s first start for Arsenal in nearly 499 days, with his last competitive start for the club dating back to May 16, 2022.

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JUST IN! Vet center sue Chelsea’s £2bn stadium redevelopment (Details)




JUST IN! Vet center sue Chelsea's £2bn stadium redevelopment (Details)
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Military veterans have reportedly taken legal action to halt Chelsea’s £2 billion redevelopment of Stamford Bridge.

The club’s plans got approval in July after offering £50 million for the site adjacent to Stamford Bridge, where approximately 100 military veterans and their widows reside.

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The veterans, angered by the prospect of being displaced, have escalated their efforts to thwart the sale.

They have sought an injunction to prevent the Stoll Charity trustees, who oversee the apartment block, from selling the property to Chelsea.

The veterans’ argument centers on how the sale would negatively impact the local community and harm residents, including vulnerable individuals who have served their country.

One resident, Matthew Bignell, 36, expressed his support for the injunction and his intention to stay in his home to show solidarity with fellow tenants.

Bignell stated that residents are prepared to face eviction rather than leave voluntarily.

This legal action by veterans is a setback for Chelsea owner Todd Boehly, who envisioned a significant stadium redevelopment that would increase capacity from 42,000 to 55,000.

It is another challenge following the club’s previous proposal to move to Battersea Power Station in 2012, which faced fan opposition and ultimately collapsed.

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Two Man Utd stars plead for Sancho to apologize to Ten Hag to end exile



Two Man Utd stars plead for Sancho to apologize to Ten Hag to end exile
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The host of the Manchester United star has urged Jadon Sancho to put an end to his feud with Erik ten Hag and issue an apology.

This comes after reports that the England winger has been banned from the club’s first-team facilities.

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The dispute between Sancho and Ten Hag began on September 3 when the manager accused Sancho of inadequate training, leading to his exclusion from the matchday squad against Arsenal.

Sancho responded on social media, describing himself as a “scapegoat” and implying that Ten Hag was being dishonest.

Sancho has not played for the club since and was banned from first-team training. However, some teammates, including Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, and former captain Harry Maguire, have tried to intervene and encouraged Sancho to apologize to the manager.

They believe that apologizing is the best way to resolve the situation and get Sancho back on the pitch.

They sympathize with his feelings but recognize that some of his social media posts went too far. Sancho has been training and eating with academy players, but there’s no set date for his return to the first team.

While Ten Hag is reportedly willing to welcome Sancho back, it’s contingent on the winger issuing an apology. A source emphasized that resolving the situation hinges on Sancho taking this step, as the coach’s stance is firm.

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