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Pique fall off stage trying to sign shirt as fans [VIDEO]



Pique fall off stage trying to sign shirt as fans [VIDEO]
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Gerrard Piqué had an unexpected mishap as he attempted to sign a shirt for a fan.

The former Barcelona and Manchester United star, while listening to a voice note on his phone, took a dramatic tumble off a stage.

Piqué was in Mexico to launch the King League Americas, a new version of the seven-a-side competition he established in 2022.

After a presentation, he approached a fan who was holding up a shirt while holding his phone to his ear.

However, before he could reach the fan, he fell into a gap by the stage, which was more than two meters deep. Piqué, who stands at 6ft 4″, completely disappeared when he fell into the hole.

Thankfully, he emerged unharmed from the fall, and Piqué even made light of the incident, joking about it being a “magic trick” on social media.

Fans couldn’t resist poking fun at Piqué following the mishap.

One fan said:

“If this is not the fail of the year I don’t understand anything.”

A second said:


A third said:

“I didn’t know I needed to see how Pique fell HAHAHA.”

Another fan joked:

“Shakira soon released a song celebrating the fall.”


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