Report: Uzor Kalu wants to buy 35% of Arsenal (Details)

Report: Uzor Kalu wants to buy 35% of Arsenal (Details)

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Former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama, has asked a former state lead representative to put his cash in local football instead of attempting to purchase a stake in Arsenal.


On Kalu’s write-up – “Our success with Enyimba football club between 20002007 has continuously increased my passion for football.” “As the pillar of sports in Africa, I am considering an investment in football and I will buy 35 percent stake in Arsenal FC.

“Our target is to lift the Champions league and premier League back to back as we did with Enyimba.”

His declaration that ‘I will buy 35% of Arsenal’ carries no more weight than me saying ‘I will marry Angelina Jolie,’ in fact, I’ve probably got more chance than Kalu has of getting any of Arsenal away from the Kroenkes.

Report: Uzor Kalu wants to buy 35% of Arsenal (Details)

According to DailyCanon, A few years back, Kalu’s country man, and the richest man in Africa, also wanted to invest in the club. Aliko Dangote eventually gave up in 2018, however, when the penny dropped that the club was not for sale in any manner.

“I’m very attached to Arsenal but if he won’t sell, I might have to change,” said Dangote at the end of 2018. “I’m very much a fan of football. I have to have a club. I don’t have to own Arsenal.”

Aliko Dangota – Cc: CNBC

That was before he completed the construction one of the largest oil refineries in the world. Since then, the output from that plant has seen Dangote’s net worth rise to a reported $10.6bn, making him richer than Stan Kroenke ($8.3bn).

In comparison, Uzor Kalu’s net worth is around $330m.

With Arsenal valued at around $2.268bn, 35% would cost $793.8m.


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