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Sergio Aguero suffers heart scare on live Twitch stream (Details)



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Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero experienced a heart attack during a live streaming session with Spanish internet celebrity Ibai Llanos,

The former football player, who was compelled to retire from the sport in December 2021 at the age of 33 due to a heart condition, abruptly stopped talking and placed his hand on his chest. The Argentinean was filmed asking Ibai, “What’s the matter?” while Aguero hung his head in silence.

Before responding clearly in shock, the former Argentina international appeared to briefly gasp for air. “Oh, I think I just had a minor arrhythmia, I think.” As he said the words, it appeared as though he was looking at a monitor on his phone.

Stunned Ibai answered, “Right now?”, in an obvious state of concern as Aguero checked his pulse before assuring his pal, “No”. He confirmed while continuing to check his phone: “I have a chip and the famous chip is going to detect the situation. It would send a signal because perhaps it’s just something that’s in my head.”

At that point, Aguero complained the battery on his phone was running out but added, “It was very strange”, although he was not able to explain his feelings any further.

He went on to say: “I definitely felt something out of the normal circuit”. However, Aguero still managed to display a dark sense of humour by adding, “Imagine I end up dying”, prompting Ibai to ask, “Shall we finish off this live anyway?”, and bring a smile to his friend’s face.

The streaming session finished with a message which popped up in Spanish on screen saying: “They waited for a message from the doctor and the reply didn’t arrive before they finished their live streaming session.”

Referring to Aguero by his nickname of ‘Kun’, as he is better known in Spain and South America, the message added: “Take care Kun, we love you.”

Source: Mirror

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