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Ter Stegen says ‘NO’ to the €6.5m-per-season renewal from Barca (Sport)

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Barça have already met four times with the goalkeeper’s surroundings. At the last meeting, held in early March, a renewal offer was to 2024 at the rate of 6.5 million euros net per season, plus prizes based on personal and collective objectives. 

The German has said ‘no’ to the proposal, understanding that the club has recently renewed several players who have fewer minutes than he and who will earn more money.

The forms between the two sides are good and Barça is studying the situation, although they are aware that they have little room for maneuver. Numbers are being made with the highs and lows planned for next June with the aim of presenting you with the best possible offer. 

The whole coronavirus crisis has paralyzed the talks a little, although at Barça they believe they are in a position to move forward until June. It is evident that the priority of the club, now, is to limit the economic damages of the current crisis and make a robot portrait to know how this will be overcome. Only then can they try to reach an entente with the goalkeeper.

What is already clear is that the new contract will not be retroactive to this season, but will begin to be active from July 2020 if an agreement is reached. And it is that the operating margin that Barça has now is minimal.

From the club’s sports area they are looking for formulas and they have squeezed the player’s agents to try to have an answer the sooner the better. The club had a first forecast of closing everything between March and April, but now everything can be extended.

No alarm because Ter Stegen has a contract until 2022 and a buyout clause is 180 million euros. The footballer is well tied, but it would be very dangerous to extend the negotiation beyond this June. Bartomeu has given the order to renew him yes or yes.