Tuchel: 'I think we are just unlucky today'

Tuchel: ‘I think we are just unlucky today’

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Chelse manager Thomas Tuchel insisted there’s no to blame after they were defeated by Leicester in the Football Association Challenge Cup final on Saturday.

Thomas Tuchel speaks to BT Sport. “I think we are just unlucky today. I don’t see why Leicester should win this game except for a shot in the top corner from out of nothing.”


“I thought we controlled the counter-attacks excellent, I thought we controlled the strikers and midfield excellent, we did not allow one chance, one half-chance, nothing.”

“We had maybe a sure goal with Azpilicueta only for someone to deflect it in front of him, we were a bit too hectic in decision-making, we had many situations. In the second half we had total control, we concede a goal out of nothing, we had a big save from Schmeichel and a narrow decision for offside, so altogether it’s super-unlucky.”

“It can happen in football. If it happens in a final it is not good, we are disappointed, but there is no need to be angry with anybody.”

“We wanted it a bit too much, we were a bit hectic, our decisions were not so good as normal, but I am not angry at them. We deserved to score, and for me it is much more 1-0 for us than 1-0 for them, but this can happen in football and you accept it. Once you enter a final there is no guarantee.”


That possibly reads a bit less sporting than Tuchel’s actual tone suggested; it felt like he was making a point of praising his own players rather than trying to diminish anything Leicester did.

Though he did get a bit abrupt when Des Kelly asked him whether this would have any effect on the Premier League game with Leicester on Tuesday, which suggests a little irritation bubbling away not so far from the surface.


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