Video: 'Respect Messi!' - Fans shouting at Griezmann

Video: ‘Respect Messi!’ – Fans shouting at Griezmann

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Two Barcelona fans were shouting at Antoine Griezmann as he was leaving Barca’s training center.


They were yelling ‘respect Messi!’ and apparently attempted to stop the vehicle to converse with him in private.

Prior, Lionel Messi told the media that he is ‘burnt out on being the issue of everything at the club’.


The Argentine was accused by Griezmann’s uncle for making his nephew battle at Barca.

“I am tired of always being the problem with everything that goes on at this club,” Messi answered, according to ESPN UK’s Sam Marsden.

Messi and Griezmann are understood to maintain a good relationship, and it’s reportedly been years since the French international spoke with Olhats.

Messi’s response will only spark more speculation that the Argentine star is set to leave Barcelona when his contract lapses in the summer.


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