WAR! Tyson Fury rips into ‘cowards’ Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and OOleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury has branded Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and Oleksandr Usyk ‘cowards’ as decision time looms over a potential double step-aside deal which would allow him to fight Usyk next.

As things stand, the Gypsy King has been ordered to defend his WBC heavyweight title against Whyte next, while AJ has activated his contractual clause for a rematch with WBA, IBF and WBO champion Usyk.

However, there is interest from the Middle East in staging an undisputed title bout between Fury and Usyk next.


As such, negotiations are ongoing about a potential mega deal for that fight, while also paying both Joshua and Whyte to step aside and allow it to happen.

A report earlier this week claimed that Joshua was close to accepting the deal at his end, but he’s since hit back at this and branded it ‘bulls***’.


On Tuesday morning, Fury spoke out: “Another gym session done, Tuesday morning smashed.“Tick, tick, effing, tick, tock – is the subject of today
“Is Dillian Whyte gonna fight me?


“Is Anthony Joshua gonna step aside?

“Let me know because I am sick of looking at these bums, sick of listening to their excuses.


“Tick, tick tock. The time has run out of the bottle.

“You’re all getting a good hiding, cowards.”


In a pair of follow-up clips, Fury said: “I’m ready to fight this weekend.


“I’ve been training for three weeks – how long does a man need to train?

“Joshua’s a coward, Usyk’s a py and Dillian Whyte don’t wanna fight, so if you can prove me wrong, get to fing fighting you pair of cowards.

“You’re all cowards, you’re all bum dossers. Either fight or do one you pack of wet lettuces.


“I’m just gonna keep videoing until one of these cowards decides to fight. You’re all cowards, s***house bums.

“I don’t care who I fight, AJ, Usyk, Dillian Whyte or any of them.

“Fight me, I’m the best man that’s ever lived.

“I’ll annihilate the lot of you and destroy you, submit you, tap you b****es out. Come and fight.”

Source: talkSPORT


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