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‘You’re a disgrace!’ – Ramsdale’s father slams Carragher for mocking his son



'You're a disgrace!' - Ramsdale's father slams Carragher for mocking his son
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Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale‘s father has criticized pundit Jamie Carragher for mocking his son during a recent match.

Ramsdale was once again on the bench for Arsenal’s game against Tottenham.

During the match, Carragher sarcastically applauded a save made by Ramsdale’s replacement, David Raya:

“I thought it was like the Oscars, you know when someone loses the Oscar and they start clapping and smiling for the other person. I was laughing when I saw that.

“He’s absolutely devastated with that really.”

Ramsdale’s father expressed his displeasure with Carragher’s comments, highlighting the importance of supporting players rather than mocking them.

After the match, father Nick Ramsdale replied to a Tweet about Carragher’s comments:

“You are a Disgrace!! Show some class!! My lad has.”

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