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‘Eddie Hearn is a p*ssy!’ Tyson Fury launches rant at promoter

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Don’t tell Tyson Fury he can’t knock out Deontay Wilder. The lineal heavyweight champion let loose after hearing that Eddie Hearn didn’t view him as a big puncher, calling the promoter a “p*ssy.”

Fury will take on Wilder in a hotly-anticipated rematch on February 22 in Las Vegas. And while the consensus view is that Wilder is most likely to win by KO and Fury’s all-around boxing skills lead him to be a better shot to win by decision, “The Gypsy King” doesn’t subscribe to that opinion.

When Hearn recently suggested that he could see Fury winning, but not by KO, Fury responded with an angry tirade directed at his fellow countryman, who promotes rival heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

“You know what? I don’t really care what Eddie Hearn says because Eddie Hearn is a p*ssy!” Fury told The Main Event on SB Nation Radio.

“I don’t even know if I can say that live on the radio but Eddie Hearn is a p*ssy and so is AJ (Anthony Joshua). And if they have any nuts about them they’d have fought me years ago.

“We’re from the same country, you know, and he’s been avoiding me for a long long time.

Source: rtSport